LIVONIA & Pinckney, MI

At some point in time, it will no longer be wise to repair your roof instead of replacing it. Some reasons you may have to replace your roof include:

  1. The deck is too thin
    This happens when roofs are built in earlier years where the building codes allowed for thinner material for decking. Decking is the layer of wood or pressed wood that is underneath the shingles. When the deck is too thin, there is increased danger of damage from bad weather or even the weight of a person walking on it.
  2. Storm damage
    You could need anywhere from a few shingles replaced, to half a roof, to a complete roof replacement. Your contractor will assess the needs and advise you on your best options.
  3. Too many layers of existing shingles
    Previous repairs or replacements didn’t actually replace but just applied the shingles on top of each other. If there are several layers, the whole stability of the roof to protect from climate is compromised.
  4. It is simply too old
    After time, the shingles will crack. When they do, even a hairline crack can cause water leaks when it rains.

    When weather elements like the rain, snow, sun, and wind damage your roof, it is a major concern. Harm done to the roofing materials can expose everything and everyone that is protected by the roof to harm from the environment. Harm can be done not just by weather, but also by mold growing in the damp conditions from a leak.

  5. Replacing the roof gives you safety for years to come. Most roof shingles are rated for twenty years as a base line. If you replace with a metal roof or other such durable materials, your worries could be over for the lifetime of the home.

    Whatever your roof replacement needs are, you can count on Best Choice Total Home Improvement, Inc. We have been serving the Livonia and Pinckney area of Michigan with pride and honesty.

    Our professional Michigan roofing contractors are the best there are, who specialize in roofing and vinyl siding. We are able to provide you with any level of roofing repairs, including inspections and entire roof replacements.

Our home improvement specialists also offer the following services:

  • Roofing
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  • Replacement Windows
  • Gutters
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  • Insulation

  • Insurance Claim Repairs
  • Storm, Wind, & Hail Damage
  • Kitchen Remodeling
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  • Finished Basements

Our number one goal is to provide every customer with superior work and quality materials at a fair, reasonable price. Whether you need interior or exterior improvements, a roof replacement or a bathroom remodel, we’ll be ready to give you excellent service and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.