Michigan Insulation

Michigan Insulation

LIVONIA & Pinckney, MI

Adequate and properly installed insulation is the best way to keep your home energy efficient. If your home’s insulation isn’t currently suited for the local climate, you’ll need help from a professional Michigan insulation specialist. We can assess whether you’re losing heat or cool air from your home because of insufficient insulation, and we’ll help you define your specific goals for the job. Whether you’re attempting to save on your current energy costs, trying to make your living space more comfortable, or a combination of the two, we’ll help you find the right plan and get your home the insulation it needs.

Every home has different needs for Michigan insulation. And there are so many different types of insulation and methods for installing it that we are able to treat every home like the individual home it is. We’ll take a look at your home’s specific needs. Then we’ll discuss the products and methods available with you so that you can decide the best way to move forward according to your home and your budget.

When we’re installing your insulation, our Michigan insulation specialists will always follow local codes and guidelines, and we’ll follow the instructions and specifications of the manufacturer. We’ll pay special attention to gaps, voids, and compression to make sure that the job is done to perfection.

The Benefits of Michigan Insulation

Having adequate Michigan insulation professionally installed in your home will improve the comfort your home provides to you and your family. Especially with attic insulation, not having enough will mean that heat and conditioned air can easily escape your home. Here are some other positive effects that adequate insulation will have on your home:

  • Interior wall insulation can work as a sound barrier, keeping the noise of dishwasher or laundry machines, televisions, and other types of noise contained within one room.
  • The increase in your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels can increase your home’s resale value and make it easier to sell.
  • Professionally installed Michigan installation can significantly lower your energy costs.
  • Insulation installed with an air barrier will help keep heat in in the winter and cool air in in the summer.

Michigan Insulation Types

A majority of homeowners understand the importance of having properly installed insulation, but it can be difficult to know which kind is best for your home. Our professional Michigan insulation installers can help you navigate through the types and their differences. We’ll work with you to identify which type of Michigan insulation is best for your home.

The Michigan insulation types that we use include:

  • Polyurethane Spray Foam Installation
  • Wall-Spray Cellulose Insulation
  • Blown-In Loose Fill Cellulose Insulation